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We are the IT service angels and help you with the problems of the digital age. What was up to date yesterday is already obsolete today ... We can understand the feeling of sheer despair when something technical doesn't work again. Throwing your computer or cell phone out of the window doesn't help! We prefer to fly to and help you. Promised!

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We can help with ...

/ Configure router

/ Maintenance of PC system, notebook
/ Installation of new software
/ Internet access facility
/ Set up a new computer
/ Data backup

/ Configure smartphone
/ Internet access maintenance including accessories, software
/ Advice on buying a new PC, laptop, smartphone

/ Installation, installation of hardware and software

/ Data transfer from your old device
/ Advice on all questions of IT, telecommunications and the Internet
/ Cloud solutions
/ Smart home
/ Set up HD TV
/ Collection, disposal, recycling of old devices including destruction of your data
/ Backup / backup of your data


IT-Service-Engel in your area

​Harburg: #040 60 77 59 59

​Brandenburg: #030 92 10 07 08   

We are always there for you. 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to take on your problem. You will always get an answer.

Just give us a call and we will help you​.

Harburg: 040 60 77 59 59

Brandenburg: 030-92100708

Help from heaven

"Thank you, dear angel, my computer is finally running again!" Edeltraud S.

"I was desperate with my new phone. Now I know how to do it!" Jessica Y.

"Fast and recommendable service!" Sarah S.

"A young IT angel came to us and saved us. Thank you for that!" Herbert K.

Person Überprüfen Telefon WLAN
Flight areas of the IT service angel
District of Harburg, Niedersachsen/Hamburg

"Thank you, dear angel, my computer is finally running again!" Edeltraud S.

District of Dahme-Spreewald, Brandenburg
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