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about us

We have been experts in IT, telecommunications and the Internet for over 20 years. Since then we have passed on our knowledge to large companies and in business. Now it is time to do the same for the "non-professionals". That is why we created the IT service angels .


times are changing

Technical changes accompany us almost every day. Many people find it difficult to keep up. This is not a bad thing, because we, the IT service angels, exist .



We have made it our task to assist you with all questions related to information technology (called IT) and to help you. The areas are multi-layered: It starts with the possible installation of a new router, WLAN and telephone, continues with the installation of a new PC or smartphone and extends to data backup and disposal of an old device.



We not only advise on all these topics, we also implement them. We are supported by selected students from the Hamburg University of Technology . Young angels so close to you. Highly qualified and motivated to solve your problems. Because: there is no such thing as impossible.


With this in mind, we look forward to getting your technology up and running!


Your team of IT service angels

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