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Prices, process, security


Basically, the activity of our "IT service angel" on site is based on an hourly rate of 60 EUR / hour.


We cover the travel costs of a technician.

The initial telephone consultation or recommendation is generally free of charge.


Calculation & billing

Depending on the desired service, we will give you an initial, rough estimate. This can only be an estimate, because the actual effort differs depending on the circumstances at your home.


We bill for a service at your home to the minute. That means: after the technician has got a first overview, the paid work can begin.


At the beginning of his work, the technician will note the start time and have it acknowledged by you. After completing the service, the technician will provide you with a time sheet with the services for acknowledgment. These two documents are the basis for later invoicing.


Hardware / software

We reserve a commission of 15 percent when purchasing hardware or software.



After we have arranged a service appointment with you, the technician will come to your home (or at the desired location) and start his work based on the desired service. It is important that you prepare all as far as you can.



Our technicians adhere to the current applicable corona regulations!



After the order has been completed, you will receive a feedback sheet with which you can anonymously assess the performance of the "IT service angel" and give us feedback.

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